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Watch Online:


peto-gardens-3.jpg         vogelscheuche



"In This Here - and some other Heres"



  "Looking For Something" Part 3






Part 4

of the "Looking For Something"

Four Seasons Quartet

is being put together in the edit.


sokrates2.jpg         baumhaus.jpg


... Autumn ... 




"Spring" following in due course.


hauschen.jpg         fenster.jpg





Available on 2 DVDs: 


Nächsten Sommer

(Next Summer)





bonus title to the feature film


by Andreas Struck


bonus title to the short film compilation

LIEB MICH - gay shorts volume 4

released by Pro-Fun Media

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In this Here 

– and some other Heres


"Looking For Something"  Part 3


Watch online


An imaginary travelogue


Germany 2013, 34:00 min.

Super8 to Digital Formats

English Voice-Over


Production, Direction, Camera, Montage, Narration:

Fjodor Donderer


Technical Support:

Christian Bäucker, Jochen Jezussek






“My friend, in his restless pursuit of locating

and re-locating himself in this world,

flees himself to an island and in a chain of letters

describes his encounters with parallel existences

– so called utopians and dreamers.”

The island is never mentioned by name

and one never sees a living soul.

Yes, who made up the images, are they imagined?

A play, a fantasy – merely a re-constructed heaven?

Filmmaker, narrator, protagonist –

who is who in this “imaginary travelogue” 

– part three in a series of subjective film expeditions

Looking For Something.













September 2014: Flexiff Festival, Sydney / Australia

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WATCH online: 


Looking For Something


Part One

A Winter Visit





Germany 2012, 12:30 min.

Super8 to DigiBeta, b/w

English Voice-Over

Muisc: Cannon / Von Rabenau

Production, Direction, Camera, Montage: Fjodor Donderer







About the Film:


I met a friend at the railway station: after nightmarish visions of the end of the world in his sleep, and after heavy snowfall during the night,

he had embarked on a journey to a small town somewhere unknown, a winter visit, with the intention of looking for something in this world,
whatever it may be, for consolation, for inspiration, at the sight of the disastrous state this same world is currently in.
The film is the record of what he found on this trip into the unforeseen, taking a train, walking through the snow and holding a Super 8 camera.
In its narration, it reflects and comments on whatever my friend picked up on his way, with a sceptical but debonair attitude towards the people he met
and towards the world with all its contradictions. 

“Looking For Something” is a kaleidoscope of images, thoughts and ideas displayed on the timeline of his journey and this film.
Watching it can be like an encounter with someone, and you might realize, the film itself is waiting to make friends, too.

It comes in grainy black and white, shot on Super 8 and is intentionally kept in a low-tech style, quasi all handcrafted.

In this sense it wants to be a statement for simplicity in an over-refined world, that destroys its natural ressources.

“A Winter Visit“ is an impressionistic travelogue and is the first part in a Four Seasons series of visits to the world.





The night had brought a cover of snow to the world, the landscapes, the villages and cities.





I wanted to get up and make my way into the world, taking a train, looking for something.




Looking For Something

      “Ah, yes, with this camera”, he said and continued to describe his impressions, while we were standing at this busy corner amidst the people rushing by.





      I stood by a corner, looking, yet not watching. Time forgotten. A knowing smile on a lady’s face woke me up.





It was only a quick glance, I saw a half open window on the second floor, a piano lesson, a girl.





A petrol station at the crossing of the two country roads, heavily frequented by long haul lorries, all too loud for this silent winter day. 





      Like all the other cars crowding the streets, their presence never planned, and their otherness never imagined, when this town was built.





      Then I had a rest, a café, and a piece of the local cheesecake. My boots under the table in a puddle.





After that I somehow got lost. Ending up in a park, redesigned by a commission.





      And I was passing by, like a meteorite, and for a moment I felt free, independent of the world’s contradictions.










Oct. 2013 - Antimatter, Victoria BC, Canada


May 2013 - 10th Black&White Audiovisual Festival, Porto, Portugal


Apr. 2013 - Ljubljana International Short Film Festival, Slovenia


Mar. 2013 - Festival du Cinéma Européen, Lille, France

Feb. 2013 - Flicker: Artists and Super 8 - Smiths Row Gallery, Bury St. Edmunds, England 


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22. Juli 2009 3 22 /07 /Juli /2009 11:10

"Letter of a Man to a Man" 



WATCH THE FILM ONLINE:  http://vimeo.com/49603332



nach einer Kurzgeschichte von Robert Walser / based on a short story by Robert Walser

17 min. / 16mm in Digital / schwarz-weiß / black & white



Hauptrolle / Leading role: Daniel Jeroma

Kamera / Photography: Henrik Strömberg

Sound Design: Jochen Jezussek - http://www.poleposition-dc.de/

Postproduktion: 5r Film / Christian Bäucker - http://www.5rfilm.com


Über den Film:

Jonas ist ein 21-jähriger Mann. Er ist arm. Und er tut nichts seine Lage zu verbessern.

Starr und taub vor Angst, in diesem Zustand erhält er einen Brief. Eine altväterlich anmutende Anleitung zum besseren Leben: edle Einfalt und stille Größe.

„Fürchten Sie sich doch ja nicht.“ - „Lieben Sie nur gleich alles.“

Dieser rigorose Idealismus wirkt wie Hohn und Spott, verstärkt seine Selbst- und Weltverneinung noch.

Ein Fürchtling ist er, linkisch dazu, so will es ihm nicht recht gelingen, mit allem Schluss zu machen. Bei so viel Ungeschick muss das Schicksal eingreifen, mit all seiner Ironie.  


About the film:

Jonas was a 21-year-old man. He was poor, and did nothing to improve his situation.

Stiff and numb with fear, in this state, he receives a letter. Old-fashioned guidance for a better life: noble simplicity and quiet grandeur.

“Do not be frightened.”

“Just do love everything.”

This rigorous idealism seems like mockery and ridicule to him, reinforces his self-denial and world-negation.

A faintheart he is, left-handed, too, so he does not quite succeed to put an end to everything.

At the sight of so much clumsiness, fate must intervene, with all its irony.



1010114   Friedhof.jpg   Dachluke 

Festivals / Screenings:

June 2013: Konstkino - Temporära Konsthallen, Stockholm, Sweden

October 2011:  Kurz.Film.Spiele Konstanz, Germany

March 2012:  Flatpack Festival - Birmingham, UK

March 2012: Ljubljana International Short Film Festival - Slovenia




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The film can now we watched online at http://vimeo.com/33857154



Super8 to DigiBeta, 16:30 mins. b/w, English title plates, Germany / Belgium / UK  2009

Music by Cannon / von Rabenau
Filmed, Recorded, Edited and Directed by Fjodor Donderer

Postproduktion: 5r Film / Christian Bäucker - http://www.5rfilm.com


About the Film:

Flat lands, windmills against the sunset.

A valley, a slow ride along the bends of the river.

People on platforms, waiting or waving.

School-classes on a trip to the city, tourists staring up the height of the cathedral.

Chairs in an antique shop, statues overlooking the squares and parks, leaves floating in the wind.

It is November, on a route Berlin – Köln – Bruxelles – London.

Images appear, thoughts, feelings, one thing follows another.

The spectator shares the passion for travelling and lingering.

Time and again the voyager interrupts the journey, roaming around the cities, discovering slowness.

„Journey On A Train“ is an im-pro-visation, a rendez-vous with the un-for-seen.

A spontaneous, handheld camera, grainy black-and-white, occasional laconic comments,

and an atmospheric score give the film its style and identity.



Über den Film:

Tiefland, Windräder im Morgenlicht. Täler, auf einer langsamen, kurvigen Fahrt entlang eines Flusses.

Menschen auf Bahnsteigen warten, winken.

Schulklassen auf einer Fahrt in die Stadt, Touristen im Blick gefangen bis zur unerreichbaren Domspitze.

Stühle in einem Polstergeschäft, Statuen überblicken einen Platz, einen Park.

Blätter schweben im Wind.

Es ist November, auf der Strecke Berlin – Köln – Brüssel – London.

Bilder tauchen auf, Gedanken, Gefühle, eins folgt aufs Andere.

Der Zuschauer teilt die Passion fürs Reisen und Verweilen.

Immer wieder unterbricht der Reisende die Fahrt, flaniert durch die Stadt, entdeckt die Langsamkeit.

"Journey On A Train" ist eine Im-pro-visation, eine Begegnung mit dem Un-vorher-gesehen.

Eine spontane Handkamera spürt dem Besonderen im Alltäglichen nach.

In körnigem Schwarz/Weiß, begleitet von einer atmosphärischen Musik und knappen, lakonischen Kommentaren.




August 2012: Meine Kultur 2012 - Steinach / Thüringen

April 2011: Helsinki Short Cuts Festival / Finland

November 2010:  L'Alternativa - Barcelona / Spain

May 2010:  Mediawave Festival - Szombathely / Hungary

April 2010:  Cambridge Super 8 Festival / UK

January 2010:  23. Stuttgarter Filmwinter / Germany

September 2009:  Berwick Media Arts Festival / UK 




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WATCH THE FILM ONLINE:  http://vimeo.com/5577074


S L O W 12  S L O W 15  Slow1.jpg



Super8, 12:30 min., Germany / Russia / Italy / Poland / UK  2008
Music by Cannon / von Rabenau and Chikiss
Filmed, Edited and Directed by Fjodor Donderer


„Slow“ ist ein Film Gedicht.

Eine Collage, in der Super8-Sequenzen und Musik ineinander in einer assoziativen Weise verwoben sind.

Entlang der Bilder spricht eine Erzähl-Stimme zum Zuschauer, als wäre es die eigene Stimme, das eigene Selbstgespräch.

Ein flackernder Moment, schwebend wie nach einem Mittagsschlaf oder einem Gewitter.

Nun, ein Film Gedicht, ein „slow-e-motion-picture“.



Slow“ is a film poem.

A collage, in which Super8-sequences and music are woven into each other.

Alongside the images, a voice is speaking to the spectator, as if it was one's own voice, one's own soliloquy.

An  iridescent moment, floating, just like after an afternoon nap or a thunderstorm.

Well, a film poem, a „slow-e-motion-picture“.






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11. Juli 2009 6 11 /07 /Juli /2009 13:12

 "The Fine Snow Covers All"



16mm, 8 mins., Germany / Russia  2006
Filmed, Edited and Directed by Fjodor Donderer


Über den Film:

Wie durch den Vorhang der Erinnerung erlebt man in melancholischen blauen Bildern und ohne Worte

die Begegnung, Annäherung, das Zusammensein, das Auseinandergehen von zwei jungen Männern.

Eine unverortete und zeitlose Kurzgeschichte.


About the film: 

Just like through a curtain of rememberance, in blue, melancholy pictures, 

 one witnesses two young men meeting, getting closer, being together and going seperate ways again.

A short story beyond definite time or place.


Sergej.JPG  K-S-walking.JPG  Kirill.JPG







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"Next Summer"



35mm, 12:30 mins., Germany 2004

In den Rollen / Cast: Daniel Jeroma, Blanche Kommerell, Conny Herrford
Music: Simon, Richard Strauss
Kamera / Photography: Isabelle Casez
Drehbuch / Scenario: Fjodor Donderer and Lars Theuerkauff
Produced by Jost Hering Filme

Regie/ Director  Fjodor Donderer
rt durch / Funded by FFA


Über den Film:

Kurzfilm-Variation des Spielfilm-Drehbuchs „Die Liebe von Wenzel und Kirill“.

Der 20-jährige Wenzel macht sich davon aus dem zerbrochenen Elternhaus, ohne zu wissen wohin.

Per Anhalter an der nächsten Ecke, mit der erstbesten Gelegenheit,

dem 27-jährigen Russen Kirill in seinem Lieferwagen, auf dem Weg zurück nach Osteuropa von einem „Europa-Abenteuer“.

Wenzel vertraut seine eigene Geschichte dem Unbekannten an

und wird seinerseits als Unbekannter eingeladen, mitzukommen nach Riga und zu bleiben. "Wir haben genug Platz."

Ein Anruf von zu Hause holt Wenzel zurück. Die Situation dort hat sich verändert und er wird gebraucht.

Doch verspricht er Kirill später zu besuchen, nächsten Sommer.



About the film: 

Shortfilm variation of the feature length scenario "The Love of Wenzel and Kirill".

20 year-old Wenzel breaks free from his shattered home, not knowing where to.

He takes off with the first available ride by the side of the road, 

with 27 year-old russian Kirill in his van, heading back east from a european tour.

With little reserve Wenzel confides his story to Kirill

and in the course as easily gets invited to come along to Riga and to stay on at Kirill's place. "We have enough space."

A phone call from back home fetches Wenzel back. The situation there has changed and he is needed.

Yet, he promises to come visit later, next summer. 




Januar 2004:    Max Ophüls Festival, Saarbrücken 
Oktober 2005:    Filmfest Eberswalde  


available on DVD from 26 Oct 2012

bonus title to the feature film  SUGAR ORANGE  by Andreas Struck

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Super 16mm to 35mm, 17 mins., Germany 1998

 In den Rollen / Cast: Felix zu Knyphausen, Valeska Hanel, Patricia Caspari, Alexander May

Kamera / Photography: Gerd Breiter

Music: F.A. Kummer „Duo für 2 Violoncelli Opus 22, Nr.2“

Solisten / Performed by: Antje Käsler und Sören Henning

Drehbuch / Script: Fjodor Donderer

Regie / Director: Fjodor Donderer

Gefördert durch / Funded by Kultusministerium Sachsen-Anhalt 



Über den Film:

Heinrich, Ludwig, Elisabeth und Hannah sind sich in Freundschaft zugetan.

Der Sommer in Wörlitz neigt sich dem Ende zu und sie spazieren noch einmal durch den Park.

Kein Weg, keine Wiese, keine Brücke, die ihnen nicht vertraut wäre, an der nicht schon eine gemeinsame Erinnerung hinge.

Viele Nachmittage verbrachten die vier jungen Bürgerlichen hier zusammen, tauschten Neuigkeiten aus, berieten sich, neckten einander, verstritten sich, um sich gleich wieder zu versöhnen.

Mit den ersten Herbstwolken zieht auch die Ahnung auf, daß auch diese Zeit zu Ende gehen wird.

Ein kurzer Film über Freundschaft. Sturm und Drang. 1798.


About the film:

Heinrich, Ludwig, Elisabeth and Hannah are bound up with each other quite affectionately.

Summer in Wörlitz is coming to an end and they walk through the park once again.

No path, no lawn, no bridge, which they are not aquainted with, which they would not share as a memory.

Many afternoons, the four young bourgeois spent here together, exchanging news, discussing, teasing each other, only for soon again making up with each other.

As the first autum clouds drift in, the end of this era dawns on the horizon.

A short film about friendship. Sturm and Drang. 1798. 



Unruhe-Felix.jpg  Unruhe-Alexander.jpg  Unruhe-Patricia.jpg  Unruhe-Valeska.jpg



Filmfest Lisboa, Portugal 1999 


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