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In this Here 

– and some other Heres


"Looking For Something"  Part 3


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An imaginary travelogue


Germany 2013, 34:00 min.

Super8 to Digital Formats

English Voice-Over


Production, Direction, Camera, Montage, Narration:

Fjodor Donderer


Technical Support:

Christian Bäucker, Jochen Jezussek






“My friend, in his restless pursuit of locating

and re-locating himself in this world,

flees himself to an island and in a chain of letters

describes his encounters with parallel existences

– so called utopians and dreamers.”

The island is never mentioned by name

and one never sees a living soul.

Yes, who made up the images, are they imagined?

A play, a fantasy – merely a re-constructed heaven?

Filmmaker, narrator, protagonist –

who is who in this “imaginary travelogue” 

– part three in a series of subjective film expeditions

Looking For Something.













September 2014: Flexiff Festival, Sydney / Australia

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